K5Launch in a nutshell

K5Launch is a 3-6 personalized market accelerator program, which primary objective is to help entrepreneurs build a lean, mean, and sustainable startup. Most companies that join K5Launch have attended an incubator or accelerator program. The two basic goals of the program are to further initial proof of concept and early market validation to finalize the companies business model. Selected teams may receive equity funding of up to $25k along with approximately $100k worth of Technology and Web services, Legal, Accounting, Marketing and PR services from our partners like many other programs out there.  Most importantly, our teams receive intensive one on one mentorship for the duration of the program. We work with entrepreneurs on their roadmap and their next goal, which is typically further funding but most importantly the ability to demonstrate readiness for growth. 

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The process



We already love it! Your vision is what will shape your product in the next few weeks, months, years and so... better spend some time defining it. And be ready to refine. We have a preference for technology-oriented companies, especially those focusing on the mobile, social, local, and Internet marketplaces. However, we will evaluate companies that are not technically in that space, but possesses a disruptive idea in a lucrative market

Develop Your Product

We are always impressed to meet entrepreneurs who have already developed a product and can show proof of concept or market validation. This will greatly improve your chance of being selected for our accelerator program. So build, test, refine, and come to us!



We host 2 classes a year, but will look at applications on a rolling basis. Competition is fierce and first impressions count, so pay extra care to your application. To learn more about requirements and timeline, go to Apply.

We’d Like To Know You


Shortly after you apply, we will get in touch with you to get to know you, understand your product, admire your accomplishments, and most of all get inspired by your vision. We like ambition and drive, but don’t forget pragmatism.




You're been selected: congratulations, your idea is among the most promising and your team’s qualifications and drive are among the most impressive. We will announce selections a week after applications have closed. You will potentially receive equity from us in exchange for a typical percentage in your company, and most of all you will get access to our mentorship program.

Learn A Ton Work Hard And Fast


Now serious things begin: you have 3 months to bring your newborn to market fruition, and show substantial growth. But you are not alone: over the course of 3 1/2 months, you will get ton of hands-on advice from real entrepreneurs and real-life successful CEOs and CMOs of startups. You will get specific training in Business model design, Customer Development, Go-to-market strategy and sales. Now we are a team, and we want you to succeed!

Demonstrate Product/Market fit


Our 3-1/2months program concludes with preparation for graduation, which means that you are ready to to present your business and achievements to our extensive network of investors, which will include angel investors as well as traditional institutional investors. We will connect you with investors in Orange County and Southern California, Silicon Valley and beyond that are likely to be inspired by your idea.

Now You're Off


You're in for the big thrill! Graduation from K5Launch means you have started a business with a product and are prepared to tackle a large market opportunity. Whether you get external funding during your presence in the program or after graduation,  we want to make sure you are ready for your next milestones. And even after our program, we will always keep an eye on you and support you with advice, connections, and help with funding. We are in it together!

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