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K5 is an early stage funding platform that hosts, mentors, accelerates, and invests in technology-driven businesses led by visionary founders



Investment Strategy


About K5 Ventures

K5 Ventures invests in technology companies that focus on big and impactful ideas leading to unique products and services. We carefully select companies and use entrepreneurial mentorship along with pre-seed funding to help them build their products and prepare for their next milestone, most likely the next round of funding.

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First Accelerator in Southern California, K5 Launch was born in late 2010 from the observation that Southern California was on a path to become a strong and impactful tech entrepreneurship, and needed support to accelerate early stage companies in their growth.  K5Launch is a 3-9 month personalized program that helps entrepreneurs demonstrate solid product market fit and establish the foundation for growth. Entrepreneurs can also apply to get K5 Ventures funding without participating in the acceleration program.

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K5 Ventures is focusing on providing resources and capital to early stage technology startups mostly based in Southern California, Silicon Valley, and China. It is run by successful entrepreneurs and investors who have a passion for building startups. Our goal is to build a sustainable and supportive community for entrepreneurs we work globally with a strong support system based out of California.

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