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K5 Ventures is an early stage venture fund that partners with and invests in technology-driven businesses led by visionary founders



Investment Strategy

Go-to-Market Focus


About K5

K5 Ventures invests in early-stage technology companies with impactful ideas and unique products and services. The K5 team uses a hands-on investment approach, as well as seed funding to achieve key, product market fit milestones. K5 then helps portfolio companies reach later stages of funding required for scale.


K5 Ventures' go-to-market program first started as K5 Launch in 2010. Backed by a southern California venture fund, K5's founding team set out to accelerate early stage companies and contribute to the region's emergence as a tech hub.  Known today as K5 Labs, K5 continues its focus on product launch with early stage companies to achieve product market fit required for later stages of venture capital funding and long-term, sustainable growth. 



K5 Ventures provides resources and capital to early stage technology startups in southern California, Silicon Valley, and China. It is run by successful entrepreneurs and investors who have a passion for building startups.

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